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A Response To "A Vote For Castle Is A Vote For Hillary!"

Pick Your Poison - 2016 Election

Although some people have already voted via early absentee ballot, the question remains for many: for whom are you going to vote? Most of the population concedes that this is, as always, a race between the two major party candidates – and so it is. To vote for a third Party, as the mantra goes, is to waste your vote because that candidate cannot win, thus you are really voting for the other candidate – whomever that may be depending upon your personal view as to the acceptability or acidity of the two major Party candidates. Since the majority of the voters are supporting one of the two Major Party candidates, let us then look at the two major Party 2016 candidates for President – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. ...More

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Ohio now has official write-in ballot access for our candidates.
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SB-193 Election Law & Its Effects On 3rd Parties in Ohio

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