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Gale Joy
Chairman CPO

I get so amused, no not amused, I get angry when I hear people, from both party's try to justify the meddling actions of the United States around the world. The fact is that we caused the majority of the problems in the Middle East; if not the entire world, due to our meddling.

We, the American people are to blame for what is happening. We keep electing people to represent us that have absolutely no idea what the US Constitution actually says, let alone a willingness to follow it. We have been doing this for generations. We have been electing people based on 2 factors; FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) or What's in it for me. We vote based on sabre rattling and electing a person that is less bad as the other one or what will you give me.

Where will it end? What will be your final straw? When will you realize that the people (and Party's) you elect and support are the problem? When will you realize that the way you vote make you a part of the problem?

Many of you know where I stand politically and ideologically. I have been watching and waiting. I did what everyone told me to do and that was to "give Trump a chance". Well, I have given him a chance. What I have found is of no real surprise. He has shown his willingness to disregard the Constitution and continue down the road of an unconstitutional big government and the abuse of power.

Unless we start standing up for the founding documents and the tenets of the founders and framers we will soon find ourselves living in a banana republic. Hopefully, the chains will rest lightly as we live our lives in submission to the rulers over us.



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