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Response To "A Vote For Castle Is A Vote For Hillary!"

As is continually the case, the Republicans this year will be espousing the mantra that, “A vote for Castle/Bradley in the 2016 Presidential election is a vote for Hillary.” That will certainly resonate with many voters who might otherwise be tempted to vote for the Constitution Party candidates running in various states as Constitution Party candidates, or as either Independent candidates or write-in candidates, depending upon the State and its election laws.

In 2012, we in the Constitution Party heard the mantra time and again that a vote for Virgil Goode (the Constitution Party candidate that year) was a vote for Barack Obama. Actually, if all of the votes for all third Party candidates in 2012...More

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Ohio now has official write-in ballot access for our candidates.
Names must be corectly spelled to be valid.


SB-193 Election Law & Its Effects On 3rd Parties in Ohio

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