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Constitution Party of Ohio


Rev: May 2013

Complete By-Laws (PDF)

Constitution Party of Ohio Regions - Region Map

Article I-Name
Article II-Purpose
Article III-Policy
Article IV-Membership

Article V SecA-Membership
Article V SecB-Election & Terms
Article V SecC-Executive Committee
Article V SecD-Vacancies
Article V SecE-Duties
Article VI-Voting
Article VII-State Convention
Article VIII-Delegates to Nat'l Commitee Mtgs.
Article IX-Delegates to Nat'l Nomin. Conv.
Article X-Selection of State Electors
Article XI-Nominations for Elective Office
Article XII-Rules for Counties & Regions
Article XIII-Use of the Party Name
Article XIV-Parliamentary Authority
Article XV-Organization of the Party
Article XVI-Amendment of By-Laws

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The primary mission of this site is provide Constitution Party gear at a reasonable cost to Constitution Party members and their organizations

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A secondary mission is to provide materials and or links related to the description, teachings and explanation of the U.S. Constitution.


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