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SB-193 Election Law & Its Effects On 3rd Parties in Ohio

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Definition of Membership Types in the Constitution Party of Ohio

In accord with Article IV of our Bylaws, there are two classes of memberships in the Party: 1. General, and 2. Voting. While no fees are to be imposed upon General Members, Voting Members must pay an Annual Membership Fee, currently set at $25 per annum, as further described below. Only Voting Members in good standing may vote during any State Convention or other formal votes of the Party. All members of the State Committee and State Executive Committee as defined in Article V must be Voting Members.

Those who have met the minimum requirements for membership and are not otherwise restricted or removed from membership by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the State Committee as prescribed in Article V, Section A., Item 4 of the State Bylaws, will be deemed to be “members in-good-standing.” Each Voting Member must have paid his and/or her annual dues within the prescribed timeframe to be a “Voting Member in-good-standing” for any one year. Dues for Voting Members must be paid within the first quarter (January through March) of each year. First time Voting Members may become Voting Members in-good-standing 60 days after paying their dues. From that point forward, all Voting Members must pay their voting membership dues in the first quarter of the year. Failure to pay one’s Annual Voting Membership dues within the specified timeframe each year will result in revocation of that person’s status as a Voting Member in-good-standing and may only be reinstated by paying the Voting Membership dues during the first quarter of the following year. If a person fails to pay his Voting Membership dues as prescribed herein, his membership will revert to a General Member in-good-standing for the remainder of the year unless his total membership is revoked for cause as provided in Article V, Section A, Items 3 and 4 of the Bylaws.

Voting Member Benefits

  • You have the right and privilege of participating in all Constitution Party Meetings at the state and county levels and the right to seek Party leadership at those levels.
  • You are eligible to serve on State Committees, thereby greatly influencing the direction and operations of the Party at the state level.
  • You have a controlling interest in what the Party does in your county and precinct by having the power to vote for or against all motions under consideration at those levels.
  • You are eligible to actively participate as a delegate to the State Convention in accord with the conditions set forth in the State Party Bylaws and thereby be a voting member of the State Party.
  • As a delegate to the State Convention, you are eligible run for election as a National Committee Member and if elected, be a voting member of the National Committee and serve as a voting delegate at the National Conventions in accord with the conditions set forth in the State and National Party Bylaws.
  • You are eligible to run as a Constitution Party candidate for political office at any level within the State of Ohio in accord with the conditions set forth in the State Party Bylaws.
  • As the Party grows and expands, so will your voice and influence in the political, moral, and financial direction of this Party and the future of your precinct, county, district, state, and nation.


Membership and Party “Affiliation”

When you register to vote in Ohio, you do not immediately declare a party affiliation. This is done at the polls in a primary election by selecting a Party ballot. In accord with SB-193, passed by the Republicans in 2013, the Constitution Party of Ohio is no longer an officially recognized political party by the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office. As such, we are prevented from having candidates at any level in the State of Ohio listed on the ballot as Constitution Party, thus one cannot select a Constitution Party ballot. If you do not vote in the primaries, then you are considered an “independent” or “unaffiliated.”  Currently, even if you vote in one of the other party primaries, you can still be a member of the Constitution Party and fully participate in county, state, and even national party meetings and conventions in accordance with the rules in the Constitution Party of Ohio Bylaws. However, one cannot be an officer or hold a known party leadership position at any level in another political party and still be a member of the Constitution Party of Ohio. Note regarding membership in the National Constitution Party: While one can give money to the National Party, one cannot officially be a member of the National Party. Official participation in the National Constitution Party can be accomplished only by being a member of a State Party. Note regarding campaign contributions to candidates running for Office: The Ohio Constitution Party does NOT contribute funds to political campaigns. While we will help persons within the Party running for political office, we are prevented by Federal Election Laws under our current legal structure from directly contributing State Party funds to anyone’s political campaign. It is the candidate’s responsibility to establish a political campaign fund and raise funds directly for his or her campaign.

Membership Activities

A political party thrives on volunteer time, talent, and treasure. You can help in many ways that are convenient for you and fits your schedule and interest. Some members are able to support the party development only through financial contributions while others primarily volunteer their time and talent. The Ohio Constitution Party is not funded by wealthy individuals, special interest groups, or large corporate donors, but by grassroots activists who are concerned about the future of this nation and its drift away from morality and constitutionally based government. Everyone’s contribution is needed and appreciated.


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