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101 Constitutional Questions To Ask Candidates

So many millions of Americans finally realize that something is seriously wrong with the way the government is handling our affairs.  The question is: "What can we do to get America turned around and regain our national sanity?" The answer is: "Elect a President and a majority in Congress who still believe in the Constitution and will fight to return America to her original moorings." If the candidate is already in office he will have a voting record which will clearly show whether or not he is a Constitutionalist. However, if the candidate is a newcomer to politics you will have to test his knowledge of Constitutional principles 
Try these questions

John Stormer's five previous books have sold over 11 million copies. A Korean War Air Force veteran, Stormer has been deeply involved at the legislative and judicial levels of government for over thirty years. He has worked to keep families, church ministries and private schools free from government control at the local, state and federal levels.

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